Leuchtturm Coworking Space teamed up with awesome partners:

Digital Nomads Klagenfurt

Klagenfurt allows you to combine vacation with business. Many of those who witnessed the lovely turquoise blue Lake Wörthersee first-hand would like to stay here forever. Thanks to the initiative of Wirtschaftskammer Kärnten (Klagenfurt District Office) and Tourismusregion Klagenfurt am Wörthersee this dream can now become a reality.


Hafen11 was opened in fall 2011. This was the first CoWorking Space sponsored by the state capital of Klagenfurt for creative entrepreneurs.


The Open Tech Table is held at regular intervals in the Klagenfurt area, where developers can exchange ideas and advise.


CAVALRY VENTURES is a Berlin based (pre-) seed fund with true value add for founders. 

They are among the first investors in a startup and support their portfolio companies not only with capital but with real operations know-how, access to an international network and active fundraising support.

CrossFit 9020

CrossFit 9020 is the first crossfit box in carinthia and offers hiqh quality training.

The coworkers tested it and where thrilled! Here you can read about our experience: “Coworking Leuchtturm testet CrossFit 9020”

Pssst: There is a discount for coworkers from the Lighthouse at the Crossfit 9020 Box!


build! accompanies and supports creative and courageous people in Carinthia in the sustainable implementation of innovative business ideas with extensive funding.

Here is a german version of the blog post: “Neuer Partner für den Leuchtturm: build! Gründerzentrum”


The Institute IUG stands for the combination of innovation management and company founding in research and studies and is located at Alpen Adria Universität Klagenfurt.


Esther is a curative masseur in the Klagenfurt region and visits us twice a month to provide health care in the office.

Here is a german version of the blog post: “Flinke Finger im Coworking Space: Massage mit Esther”


Philip Landl is well known for his barbecue and cooking skills and often shows his talent on TV. Once a month Philip is cooking for the coworkers from the Lighthouse and its more than delicious!