Hello world!

coworking space klagenfurt kärnten leuchtturm lichtenegger

Hello world!

The coworking space Leuchtturm is online!

You don’t want to work alone in your flat? Or sit alone in your office? We have some good news for you! There are some desks and seats available in the Coworking space Leuchtturm.

coworking space klagenfurt kärnten leuchtturm lichtenegger

Daniel Lichtenegger is the ‘captain’ of the coworking space

We found the perfect place for our coworking space near to Wulfenia Kino in Klagenfurt. It’s quiet and there are enough possibilities to park your car. No short time parking zone and no searching for a parking slot.

Such a huge project needs some guys with a vision and an idea. We have two: Daniel Lichtenegger and Martin Bierbaumer.

Daniel and Martin are the founders of the development agency Level1. This company and three others are already working at the coworking space.

Daniel and Martin have big plans. Which ones do you ask? I’m sorry, I’m not allowed to tell you that. Not yet. Not in this post. But I can offer you some figures:

Facts & Figures

  • 241 square meters area
  • 23 working places
  • 2 meeting rooms
  • Highspeed internet (download: 250MBit, upload: 50MBit)
  • as much coffee and tea as you can drink
  • exchange of experience with other companies

For whom is the coworking space?

That’s an easy question. Everybody can work here. Especially people who work in the field of apps, web and creativity. It’s possible to rent a desk only for one day, weekly or as long as you want.

Sounds nice?

We open our coworking space on 19th of May. Till the opening we have a lot to do: We are building up some walls color them green. We are assembling some cupboards and desks. Electricians fix the lights and the sockets. The rooms get cleaned and polished.

So as you can see we live on a construction area – at the moment. But nevertheless: Four teams wanted to work in our coworking space before it’s finished: Level1, Webpunks, IWICE and Sportly.

Four teams with 17 employees – is there still a place for you? Of course! We have some available desks.

Sounds good? Come and visit us. We have coffee. A lot of coffee.